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  • 27 February 2019, number: 48719

Work on the Internet for mothers on maternity leave, housewives

30 000 руб.
Earnings for purposeful moms on maternity leave at home. We need active, purposeful mothers who are willing to work 2-3 hours a day. You choose the time yourself. The work is fully carried out on the Internet from your computer. Free education. Career growth. Nor any running around and vanity. You do not have to part with their children. You can build your own business without leaving your home. We need to work, the freeloaders have nothing to do. We offer great opportunities. Everything is legal here. Salary comes to the current account in the bank. Official employment. Responsibilities: Sociability, competent speech, the ability to attract and interest the client. Understanding the identification of needs and the ability to communicate in conversation. Attentiveness, decency, activity. Write to the mail: semenova25111@gmail.com. I will contact you or Vibe r, WhatsApp + 7-952-788-3778
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