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  • 14 April 2019, number: 49813

Portrait of V.I. Lenin. Performed on metal. Byst. Select gift to manager.

249 руб.
Sold from the private collection in Ulyanovsk portraits of Lenin Soviet era, made on the metal. The size is 24x32 and 32x43cm. New. Price 250 and 450 rubles, respectively. Bust V.I.Lenina author's work Yatsyna, 1958. Excellent condition, no cracks. Height 41 and width 26 cm. Inside is hollow. Behind the initials of the author and the year..Price 4900 rubles. I will be able to send across Russia after payment on the Sberbank card, or I will meet with your person in our city. . It will be better and faster if you call, or leave a message in the SMS. I'll call you back.
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