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Bullmastiff looking for a house

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Порода собаки: Бульмастиф 
Looking for a home and favorite owner Bulmastif Eugene! Eugene is 2 years old. Classic bullmastiff, kind, cheerful, loving people dog. Eugene, healthy, vaccinated, walks twice a day, eats super-premium dry food, walks well on a leash, knows and performs basic commands. Unfortunately, he does not like cats at all. To kinsmen loyal (of course, mostly to girls). But if they attack him - of course, he will answer. Eugene will be a very good friend and guard to you and your family. Since the boy is in transitional age, I would very much like the future owner to devote time to practice. For example, Eugene is so loving that he rushes to get acquainted literally with all oncoming people on the street (and can even stand on his hind legs and try to lick them :)). It is unlikely that all the counter will be happy with this behavior of your dog :) There are a couple more moments in behavior that I would like to work through. It is given free of charge to people over 25 years old who have experience of communication with large dogs, to Moscow or the Near-Moscow suburbs. It is desirable in a family without small children.
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