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We clean the intestines Herbalife Kochubeevskoe Nevinnomyssk

Carbohydrate diets preach discarding anything that contains carbohydrates. This is fundamentally contrary to the principles of a balanced diet. Such a categorical refusal leads to the fact that sources of dietary fiber are also banned. But fiber perfectly cleans the body, promoting weight loss and maintaining good health. Nutritionists recommend: • 60% and 40% - the optimal combination of soluble and insoluble fiber. Insoluble dietary fiber helps to maintain the function of natural cleansing of the body. Soluble dietary fiber promotes the growth and functioning of beneficial intestinal microflora. Regular consumption of enough fiber helps to avoid toxic “blockages” of the gastrointestinal tract. For additional questions, call Mazur Nadezhda, +7 905 497 38 47, Herbalife Independent Partner of the Company! # clubzhozhkochubeevskoe # clubzhozhkazminskoe # herbalayfnevinnomissk
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