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  • 21 March 2019, number: 49030

Herbalife diets Kochubeevskoe Nevinnomyssk

• “Boiled cabbage - bjaka, boiled carrots - fu. I ended up eating a cake ... ”- a three-phase diet, Minaldina •“ Sweetness can be both physiological and psychological dependence ”- Alexander Martynchuk, member of the Herbalife Scientific and Advisory Council • Many people are very dependent on sweets. When they go on a diet and refuse sweets - this is a big stress for them. Herbalife balanced nutrition, in particular, our tasty and sweet foods, will save you from stress. • Specialty foods prevent the conversion of carbohydrates to fat and help effectively control the process of weight loss. For additional questions call Mazur Nadezhda, +7 905 497 38 47, Herbalife Independent Partner of the Company! # clubzhozhkochubeevskoe # clubzhozhkazminskoe # herbalayfnevinnomissk
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