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Metabolism Herbalife Kochubeevskoe Nevinnomyssk

“Slowing down the metabolism on low-calorie diets is a frequent and regular phenomenon.” Alla Shilina, Herbalife expert. • Sometimes even with the most heroic refusal to eat, after short-term success, the desired weight loss stops. The fact is that your body metabolism slows down. And this, in turn, leads not only to a loss in the rate of weight loss, but also to lethargy, apathy, and rapid fatigue. • During the period of change, fearing starvation, the body is especially reluctant to part with fat deposits, because they are its main source of energy for long-term use. • Herbalife has developed a unique phytocomplex to support metabolism and provide energy. This contributes to a more efficient weight loss process, a quicker tone and a reduction in the intensity of fat formation. For additional questions call Mazur Nadezhda, +7 905 497 38 47, Herbalife Independent Partner of the Company! # clubzhozhkochubeevskoe # clubzhozhkazminskoe # herbalayfnevinnomissk
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