• Павлово
  • 8 November 2018, number: 7946

Forks, Rakes, Ice axes from the manufacturer

35 руб.
Address: Павлово, http://zmi-pro.ru/contacts.html, view on map
Состояние: Новый 
Ice ax scraper 200mm, 1.1kg welded metal stalk. B2 ice ax-ax: 125 mm, 1.2kg welded metal handle and plastic handle. Ice ax ax B3: 150 mm, 1.4 kg welded metal handle and plastic handle. Pitchfork welded 4-horny kopalny, garden and garden 185kh270mm welded b h Russia Rake 12 teeth twisted 375mm, without cutting Russia Rake 14 teeth twisted 440mm, without cutting Russia Rake 16 teeth twisted 500mm, without cutting Russia
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