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  • 4 March 2019, number: 48778

Bituminous crane K-80-III-000

1 руб.
The K-80-I-000 bituminous crane with the Du-80 through passage with a steam jacket at a price of 14,350 rubles and the K-80-III-000 three-way bitumen crane at a price of 15,150 rubles are sold. Diameter of the crane is 80 mm. The material is cast iron. The crane has a heating jacket. We sell bitumen cranes with steel jackets for heating from Du15 to Du150, bitumen pumps and aggregates DS-125, DS-215, NSH-200, diesel and electric bitumen heaters, bitumen heaters, bitumen hoses, heating tapes ENGL. Shipment across Russia and to Kazakhstan. Company Bitneftegaz. Tel.: 89613522722,88412300014.
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