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  • 4 March 2019, number: 48776

FZhU liquid filter

1 руб.
Liquid filter FZhU-25-0.6 (for tankers) at a price of 9,500 rubles, FZhU-40-0.6 (for tankers) at a price of 9,700 rubles, FZhU-65-0.6 (for tankers) at a price of 32500 rubles, FZhU-80-0,6 (for tankers) at a price of 35,000 rubles, FZhU-100-0,6 (for PPV-100) at a price of 39,000 rubles, FZhU-150-0,6 (for PPV-150) at a price of 46000 rubles we sell. We supply gasoline pumps STsL-00, STsL-20/24, SVN-80, STsN-75/70, spare parts for pumps, valves 30KCh70BR, spark arresters, filters, cardan shafts, grounding of a fuel truck, MBS sleeves, grounding drum, ball valves and others spare parts for bezovozov and tankers, equipment ADR. Delivery in Russia and Kazakhstan. Tel: 89613522722,88412300014.
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