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  • 28 February 2019, number: 48736

Ball and siphon cranes for gas stations

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Ball valves KSH-50, KSH-80, KSH-100 (flange and coupling, for installation as shut-off devices on gasoline pipelines of petroleum products gas stations) and siphon valves KS-50 and KS-80 (intended for descent of settled water at gas stations) KSF-50, KSF-80, KSF-100 ball for petrol and fuel-servicing trucks are sold. Valves are respiratory, metering hatches, light hatches, manhole, measuring tanks, measuring rods, lot measuring tapes, crackers, MUV, flame arresters, branch pipes, samplers, drain devices, filling limiters, floating GPS intakes, GPS generators, tips, coupling intrinsically safe shoes, filters, PPV, PPO liquid meters, spare parts for fuel trucks, pumps СЦЛ-00, СЦЛ-20/24, SVN-80, СЦН-75/70 and other equipment for gas stations. Shipment across Russia and Kazakhstan. Company Bitneftegaz.
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