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  • 4 March 2019, number: 48777

GT7 equipment for gas stations

1 руб.
Equipment for SUG GT7 Kuzpolimermash: pump NSVG, unit NSVG, pump GT7, pump spare parts, pump repair kits, safety valve PPTsZ-12, safety valve universal KPU-04, valve bypass KB-04, gas filter Du-40, level indicators IUPM -1200, IUPM-1600, IUPM-1800, IUPM-2000, filling hoses, KP-GT safety valve, bottom valve KD-80, three-way valve KT-32, UNBN clamps and other equipment. All equipment is original factory. Delivery in Russia and Kazakhstan. Company Bitneftegaz. Tel: 89613522722,88412300014.
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