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Invisible manhole in the basement under the tile floor

11 000 руб.
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Today, floor hatches are an indispensable way to hide all engineering communications under the floor, as well as to ensure safe access to them. Floor hatches today are very popular among buyers, as they stand out in their sector with such properties as: floor hatches are easily installed under the tile, which looks neat and does not spoil the aesthetics of repair; you can install a hatch in the basement of any size, under a specific hole; practice is called invisible floor hatches, since they are practically invisible on the floor; allow you to hide all necessary communications under the floor, protect them from pollution and temperature shocks; have a convenient shock-absorbing system, thanks to which the hatch cover opens and closes very easily; the shock absorber hatch opens almost silently; the hatch cover is very close to the floor, leaving no seams. It can also be sealed with sealant; basement hatch withstands heavy loads. You can walk along it safely and install any pieces of furniture; the manhole cover is very close to the floor, which prevents the occurrence of drafts in the room. hatches in the basement are manufactured in the factory from durable steel-based material.
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