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  • 25 January 2019, number: 47731

Basement Manhole Cover with Lifts

11 000 руб.
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Состояние: Новый 
In stock and on order! Floor invisible hatches with gas shock absorbers. The hatch cover ensures easy opening, even with large dimensions. Factory assembly! The high reliability floor hatch is made of metal 5mm thick and reinforced with stiffeners. The basement hatch can withstand a load of up to 1000kg and is imperceptible in the floor, keeping the flooring pattern. Reliability and maximum convenience in operation. The possibility of manufacturing a floor hatch on the individual sizes. We have high quality and reliable. The specialists of the Design and Production Company "Praktika" for each size of the hatch in the basement calculate individual loop geometry, which is a prerequisite for maintaining the integrity of the tile at the time of opening and the absence of a large gap in the closed state. To fulfill these requirements in the "garage" production conditions is impossible.
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