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ENT otorhinolaryngologist treatment consultation home call

3 000 руб.
Address: Санкт-Петербург, metro Проспект Ветеранов, ул. Адмирала Трибуца д.5, view on map
Calling Laura (otorhinolaryngologist) at a house in St. Petersburg Many people know that in the autumn and winter periods there is a growth in ENT diseases, from which both adults and children suffer. A large crowd of people, contacts with carriers of the virus, sudden changes in temperature lead to various kinds of complications of the organs of hearing and upper respiratory tract. Well, if the time and state of health allow you to visit a medical institution. And if not? Then you should order a call to the house. A qualified doctor will conduct a home examination, make an accurate diagnosis, draw a conclusion and prescribe treatment. Reason for calling Laura (otorhinolaryngologist) to the house The Baltic Pearl Multidisciplinary Medical Center suggests using the on-site services of specialists and calling Lora to the house. There are a number of symptoms that should not be ignored. We recommend that you seek help from a specialist if you notice: redness, sore throat, plaque on the larynx mucosa, change in the size of the tonsils, while there is a high fever, weakness, and general malaise; incessant headache, which is accompanied by lumbago in the ear (a sure sign of otitis); Complex services rendered at home Call our medical center and leave a request. Within an hour (60 minutes), a competent specialist will arrive at the address you provided. You no longer have to sit in long lines waiting for admission - the examination and treatment prescription will be held at your home. Deciding to call the ENT home, you will receive a quality range of services, which includes: consultation, recommendations, examination and treatment. Advantages of a specialist call at home Our staff can at any time (around the clock) drive to the specified address and provide qualified medical assistance when every minute and consultation is necessary as soon as possible. The medical center is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, which allows for a complete medical examination at home. This allows not only to correctly diagnose, but also to prescribe an effective treatment as soon as possible. If you are sick, do not waste time - contact our medical center to call an experienced doctor to the house. This can be done around the clock by phone.
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Санкт-Петербург, ул. Адмирала Трибуца д.5
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