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Conclusion from binge - hangover treatment

4 000 руб.
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1. The speed at which specialists arrive at the Baltic Pearl Medical Center is the instant departure of a narcologist with all the necessary equipment and medicines to the patient’s home. Our narcologists work on the territory of the whole of St. Petersburg and on the suburbs. The maximum time of arrival to the patient is 1 hour. 2. Guarantee of fast and safe removal of severe hangover syndrome. Experienced narcologists, specializing in hatching, go to the aid of patients. It is very important! First, in the arsenal of our doctors, the newest methods and preparations, which make it possible to quickly alleviate the patient's condition and relieve irresistible craving for alcohol. Secondly, there is a certain risk of complications when withdrawing from the binge (convulsive seizures, hysteria, etc.). To cope with them, special experience and knowledge of psychiatry, narcology, and pharmacology are needed. Thirdly, successful withdrawal from hard drinking at home is impossible without an individual approach to each patient. We guarantee attentive attitude to the patient, taking into account all factors affecting the success of withdrawal from the bout: chronic diseases of the patient, features of the alcohol, etc. 3. The reputation of a good private clinic in St. Petersburg dealing with withdrawal from hard drinking at home. The Baltic Pearl Medical Center is one of the few in St. Petersburg that has organized an emergency specialized care service for getting out of binge drinking at home. Our doctors worked out methods of effective assistance in bringing out the binge at home, which many other specialists now use. But the main thing is thousands of grateful patients who confirm the high professionalism of our doctors. 4. Anonymity of treatment Our blade guarantees the complete anonymity of the treatment of patients, including the conclusion of the hard drinking at home. 5. Willingness to help around the clock, without weekends and holidays The Baltic Pearl Medical Center has been operating in the Krasnoselsk region for a year, including weekends and holidays. 6. Reasonable pricing.
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