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FSP smoke window

99 000 руб.
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Certified in the Russian Federation and fully applicable to ensure fire safety in accordance with the requirements of fire safety technical regulations (Federal Law No. 123-F3 of July 22, 2008 as amended by Federal Laws of July 10, 2012 No. 117-F3 of July 2, 2013 No. 185 -F3). In the event of a fire in the room, the smoke removal system will automatically open the window, thereby removing the combustion products that are dangerous to humans. The use of this system allows you to leave evacuation exits from the premises free of fire and smoke. The activated smoke sensor transmits a signal to the central processor, which, in turn, drives the drive and opens the window. If a fire has been noticed before the smoke detector has triggered, the smoke window can be opened forcibly using the emergency activation button RT 45. The system also provides the possibility of daily ventilation of the room using the ventilation button LP1. After a time specified by the user, the window will automatically close. A rain sensor ZRD can be connected to the system, which closes the window in case of rain. If a fire occurs, the signal from the rain sensor will not work. It is installed in roofs with an angle of inclination from 20 ° to 60 °, complete with a special insulating salary E_S. This system can also be installed in a flat roof using the optional EFS design. It opens at the bottom of the loop at an angle of 75 °, providing smooth and effective smoke removal. The speed of the sash is 51 seconds. Possible loan! Call! We offer goods at a discount! Daily Mon-Fri 9: 00-18: 00, sub 9: 00-14: 00.
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