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Self-adhesive sealing tape "Nicoband" 10cm * 3m

290 руб.
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Scope: for external works. Nicoband Tape Sealant is a convenient way to seal various cracks and joints. It is also used to isolate the junction, repair roofing roofs and drainage systems. Special UV protection tape sealant increases its service life outdoors, and the range of colors suitable for any roof. The lower self-adhesive surface provides flawless and high-quality gluing to various surfaces: metal, slate, wood, plastic, plaster, concrete, glass, etc., sealing joints and joints in structures made of various materials (concrete, metal, brick, wood, plastic) on flat and pitched roofs, repair of metal folded roofs; repair of drainage systems - metal and plastic; sealing of vapor barrier films; sealing of mounting seams; waterproofing of metal pipes of cold water supply; tization of joints of cellular polycarbonate structures; capillary cut-off devices for masonry and wood construction; waterproofing of wooden products in concrete and stone structures; windows; doors; sealing of ventilation systems; ducts; flexible air ducts; steam waterproofing of installation joints; and plastic vans of cars, boat repair noise vibration isolation of metal plumbing products - sink, bathtub, metal eye GOVERNMENTAL tide Specifications: Size: 10cm * 3m self-adhesive sealing and waterproofing tape. It is obtained by applying a sticky bitumen-polymer binder consisting of bitumen, styrene-butadiene or its variations and a filler onto a foiled UV-resistant film of a sticky bitumen-polymer binder. As a protective layer on the side of the adhesive composition using anti-adhesive polymer film. Consists of several layers: 1) Color aluminum coating with protection from UV radiation - The color gamut of the tape is designed to meet the most common shades of roofing (including metallized). Allows you to perform repair or preventive waterproofing in the tone of the main surface, without disturbing the appearance. 2) Self-adhesive sealing bitumen layer - Nicodend sealing tape bitumen layer is protected from UV rays with an aluminum coating. This makes it possible to apply the tape outdoors without any restrictions. 3) Easily removable protective film Tape-sealant Nicoband in the application is very simple and does not require special skills. Thanks to a layer of bitumen-polymer binder of special composition, it perfectly performs the functions of sealing during the whole service life (10 years). Possible loan! Call! We offer goods at a discount! Daily Mon-Fri 9: 00-18: 00, sub 9: 00-14: 00
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