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  • 11 March 2019, number: 48847

Exhaust exit with an element through passage on MCh and professional flooring

3 700 руб.
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The increased dimensions, the warmed inner pipe body and the reinforced fastening of the Ventilation Outlet Metal Profile MAXI allow it to be used on metal roofs and profiled sheets in regions with high snow and wind loads. The novelty made of special impact-resistant plastic with a height of 500 mm has an outer diameter of 125 mm and an internal diameter of 110 mm. Extra height MAXI naturally increases cravings in the ventilation system. The warmed inner contour of the pipe prevents the formation of condensate and ice inside the element and promotes full ventilation. The protective cap of the special form prevents precipitation and street dust from entering the device. A protective ventilation duct is provided against wind blowing. To ensure the vertical position of the new exit, there are two elements that allow installing MAXI on roofs with a slope of 30-45 degrees and 45-60 degrees. A pipe in a thermally insulating polystyrene shell, a template for the hole and installation instructions are included. The tightness of the joint is achieved by repeating the geometry of the profilist and metal tiles Metal Profile. For stability, a reinforced base has been developed, mounts with high-quality butyl-rubber abutment and 8 holes for self-tapping screws. Production of MAXI is carried out at the plant of the company JA Plastindustri A / S (Denmark) on an individual order of the Company Metal Profile. Manufacturer: VILPE (Finland). Coloring in color RR Colors: green, gray, red, brown, black, brick Possible credit! Call! We offer goods at a discount! Daily Mon-Fri 9: 00-18: 00, sub 9: 00-14: 00.
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