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  • 13 April 2019, number: 49775

Sell mink coats, made in Russia !!!

60 000 руб.
Address: Томск, Г.Томск,ул.Пушкина 63,стр.8,с.т. 89016185888, view on map
Состояние: Новое 
Размер: 62 
Welcome to the territory of LOW prices and beautiful fur! Want to buy a mink coat in Tomsk? Welcome to us! Fur boutique "SHUBA-CENTER" is a modern boutique of stylish and attractive fur coats for the price. We offer our beautiful customers different furs: mink coats, muton fur coats, raccoon coats, and fur vests. In our fur boutique a huge selection in stock and on order, size range from 36 sizes to 72 sizes, the service of qualified consultants, impeccable service in service and an individual approach to every happy owner of a fur coat. "SHUBA-CENTER" has been working in Tomsk for more than 10 years directly with prestigious manufacturers, so we can cheaply buy a long-wearing fur coat and unpretentious to weather conditions. Registration of installments and loans on the spot for one document !!!
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